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My next Guest Post on the Mystery Tour will start on Monday in the wee hours with Blogger Sheila Deeth, who is associated with There is a direct link on the schedule to her personal blog.

On Friday, the 25th, I’m due to do another guest post for CCAM at her Mythical Books blog, also linked from the schedule.

Meanwhile, Have A Blessed Easter in this Season of Hope!

Blog Tour!

Sorry to be redundant, but will be hosting myself and three other Champagne Book Group authors April 14-May 9. I have one slated for April 21st.

Find out what all the fuss is about and remember the date!

WAIT! I just found out a few minutes ago that I am also being a guest on April 14th, 21st (you already knew), 25th, 28th, 29th, May 7th and 9th! I will let you know more as soon as I find out!

Yep, It’s Spring

It’s always easy to tell when Spring comes around. The rain is warmer. The Salish folks were pretty smart. They wove cedar bark hats that were weather-proof. It was their hands-free umbrella. Some clothing was woven from the same stuff, that way the moss grew on it instead of them! They were resourceful.

Spring brings life to the plants. Beautiful leaf buds and flowers everywhere. A smorgasboard for the deer, rabbit, raccoons and other cute animals to mow everything down to bare earth. So, you have to look quick to confirm the outward signs of Spring.  What amazes me is how unwilling they all are to share their good fortune. They’ll flat chase you off if you get too close to their goodies. I think that’s being ungrateful, considering it’s my yard they’re eating on. Have you ever been chased by a rabbit? It’s embarrassing.

I think the next best thing about a rainy Spring day is that you get the chance to read that new “Hollow Point” book you downloaded for your Kindle. I heard it was pretty good and I know the author!

Wettest February and March on Record

It is easy to grumble about the amount of rain we have experienced so far this year. The inconvenience, the dampness, the pain of walking the dog in it and all of that. Just this morning I heard that the midwest was in for another blizzard in a day or two. We all complain when the winter lasts too long, but it sobers a person up quickly when he realizes he has little to complain about.

Over one hundred people are still missing from a huge mudslide outside of Oso, WA as I write this. There are over twenty confirmed dead. A moment of silence was held for the victims today before the first responders returned to the process of recovery. No one else is expected to be found alive now.

Some of them had the same thoughts of the long, dreary winter, going about their business when the earth swallowed them. The looks on the faces of the men and women lending a hand were those of exhaustion, numbness, quite determination.  Working in the pouring rain in mud thicker than wet cement and crawling over second-growth trees they are probably also wondering why is there so much rain?

During a time long ago, the Salish tribes lived on the same ground. The earth hasn’t changed much since then. I’ll bet that they wondered the same thing, but life had to go on. The people of Oso will also learn that life must go on, but not just yet. It is a time to grieve.

Spring Is Trying

I’m typing away with one eye on the screen and one watching the blue sky with cotton ball clouds to the north of me. It’s here. It’s finally here except for the fact that the temp last night in Bremerton a few short miles away was 26. It’s a sunny 26. I appreciate nature’s effort nonetheless. It does wonders for my attitude. The only foul moods on the property are the birds because their feeder is empty. Do they think that seeds are made on trees?

Last year in April the Suquamish had a renewal Pow Wow and I wrote about it. I might just go again. It was a great deal of fun and all about families. I’m looking forward to more of their fry bread, too!

As a matter of fact, the Pow Wow season is popping up all over the country. Remember the rules: Never point your finger at anyone; Ask if it’s okay before you take pictures; Ask if non-Natives are allowed (usually because of some religious function of the tribe); Don’t call their regalia “costumes.” They are nice people. Just ask if you don’t know the protocol.

Ain’t Spring grand?

New Marketing Plan For Hollow Point

I don’t know if you have them in your area, but in mine we have a new housing development and they have hired kids to stand on street corners with signs announcing the project. These kids listen to whatever music they like in their iTunes list and dance around using the signs as billboard batons pointing to where the development is. Most of them are pretty darned talented!

Here’s my plan: Hire a few of these masters and make signs saying something like “Buy Hollow Point Here”. Drivers would pull up and give them $2.99 and receive a card with the download information in return and then be on their way.

I’m sure that law enforcement would not confuse them with drug dealers or pimps or someone looking for a handout dancing on the corners. After all, they aren’t bothered when they do it for a housing development, right? The big red and black “Hollow Point”  sign they were flipping around would prevent that, right?

Sometimes I amaze myself.



ONLY $2.99

Small Victories Are Awesome


An old friend of mine just finished BUFFALO HUMP yesterday and jumped on Facebook to let me know what a great book it was. He’s normally a man of few words, so it meant a great deal reading his message. He has had that in his Kindle for quite awhile. Hopefully he will read HOLLOW POINT before long and like it, too.

Do You Believe In Co-Inky-Dinks?

I’m still readjusting my jawbone that fell to the floor yesterday. In discussion, I was telling a young gal about my writing projects and that my next major one would involve the Blackfoot Tribe around Browning, Montana on the east side of Glacier National Park. The working title for now is “The Backbone of the World.”

She said that she was heading there in a couple of weeks for an annual visit to her grandmother who lives on the reservation. The little gal is half Blackfoot herself. She asked me if there was any type of information that I would like to have her research while she was there. She knows some people.

She started ticking off some stats about alcohol consumption, unemployment, population and the like. She was very similar to a verbal tour guide. I had been mulling just how I would acquire first-hand information like this. A road trip seemed the only alternative and sometimes those are iffy without knowing who to contact.

This is a good sign! Even if I end up going there, it will be to tie loose ends rather than spending time wandering the streets and countryside aimlessly. This research business is almost as exciting as writing the story itself, but it’s even better when you have a helper who knows about the people you’re writing about!

Back To Work

I’ve been away from my writing far too long and I feel it. It’s time to do it before I lose it. I’m going to have to ration my grandpa time and get through the withdrawals that brings. There’s work to do.

For instance, I have to continue to promote my new book, Hollow Point and prepare for an upcoming blog tour during April and May. More information on that to follow about where it will be found at. It’s a group effort involving me and some of my Champagne colleagues.

Next I will get serious about revising some of my Sheep Eater manuscript to prep it for submission again. I’m trying to make the main character a little more edgy, so it will involve tweaking much of the project.

As soon as that is done, I’ll begin to research and write Backbone of the World in earnest. It might turn out to be the hardest project I have ever attempted so I don’t look for a quick submission. It will likely take a year or better.

One Month Later

It is amazing how two little girls that one lady in a waiting room called “little peanuts” can inspire an idea for a book. The twins are a month old today and getting nosier by the hour. Feeding those critters is quiet the logistical process, but #3 daughter and her beau have a system down. It’s almost like an assembly line process up to and including the baby byproduct disposal routine.

That aside, I’ve been wondering what project to put in the hopper for a future thriller, then it came. It’s too soon to have any specifics lined out, but the idea has potential! About the time I came up with this flash of brilliance, As I held her, I saw Ellodie’s lips curl up in a cute little smile that darn near melted my heart – then she proceeded to fill her diaper. Sure enough, that’s my granddaughter.

Now all I have to do is come up with about 70,000 words or so to fill in the blanks. Inspiration sure comes from the funniest places. Hopefully, this will be a campfire story when they get a little older. I should be the one wearing the diapers by then!



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