A Piece Here, A Piece There…

Sometimes the writing community can drive you nuts. Many of the different sites and groups want a writer to take a survey, read a blog, Help another writer get started and assume you are intelligent and won’t lead them down a rosy path.

“Here are some great articles on how to sell your book,” or “You’ve got to enter this contest and win someone else’s book.” I think someone missed the point. As for me, I tend to write ‘cuz that’s what I started out doing. I’m not much of a reader because I’m usually writing and don’t have enough hours in a day to do both very often.

When I read, it is generally research surrounding stories I am working on. When I write I try to use that research to make a fictional scenario believable, especially to a tribe I highlight. That doesn’t leave much time for recreational ventures into the book world. It’s not unusual to take me a month or two to make it through a whole book.

God bless the Storytellers that used to sit at the campfire. I think they had it right for centuries while we modern types slave over sentence structure, point of view consistency and marketing. My friends who listen to audio books might agree!


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