It’s Been A Fine Month For Foibles

Didja read my last invisible post? I hope you enjoyed it. I did! Actually, I tot I ta a puddy tat and got distracted. Oops!

This time around I can tell you that I just submitted my 3rd edit of The Sheep Eater to my editor this morning. The release date is beginning to loom out there and looking a bit intimidating to the untrained rookie writer. Wait, I’ve done this before! No pressure here!

The edit must be going OK cuz the story is beginning to look like something I didn’t write. That must be normal because it’s happened in most of the other books I’ve written. My high school English teachers would be so proud! I have been assured that when we’re done, the story should be much easier to read.

Now to sit back and wait for another round to violate my inbox. Maybe I should start on that next book. I can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do to that one!


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