About Gary Eddings

I write contemporary Native American suspense and thriller fiction, plus a little lore here and there. I began writing in earnest when I joined a local writers’ forum in 2009 and have since published two books in 2012; Buffalo Hump, an e-book, through Champagne Book Group and Song of the Unsung through Amazon and Kindle. I released my third novel, Heart of the Unsung, in April of 2013, sequel to Song of the Unsung. It is likewise available on Amazon and Kindle.

My fourth novel, Hollow Point, published through Champagne Book Group was released on January 6th, 2014 as an e-book as was my newest release, Sheep Eater on August 3rd, 2015. I also have another Work In Progress in the hopper. I’ve had a productive couple of years and look forward to more.

I retired as a Chief Fire Officer from the structural Fire Service in 2005 after 30+ years and needed a new vision. This was it! Much has been written about the history of our indigenous brothers and sisters, but little of their lives in dealing with changing culture and outside intrusion. My goal is to rectify some of that and perhaps put some caracatures to bed while showing the stamina of the various tribes and bands.

Some have asked me, “Are you Native American?” The answer is that my paternal Great Grandfather was full-blood Cherokee and his wife was full-blood Kickapoo. The rest on my maternal side is mostly Irish, German and Dutch. Someone else can do the math. Somewhere along the line, someone on the Cherokee side refused to sign on the dotted line and that’s okay by me. I hope that you enjoy the adventure!

To keep up with my blogs, follow me on Novel Novelist, www.nnovelist.blogspot.com or www.garyeddings.wordpress.com.

You may also contact me at www.eddingsgr@yahoo.com or my website: www.garyeddings.weebly.com, which also has a blog (don’t ask, it just worked out that way).

Gary Eddings

“Keeping the Native in American”


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