Finger Drumming

I just scanned the picture on my blog header where you see people surrounding a ceremonial drum and beating up a storm, probably singing their hearts out. I’m not a good singer to start with and I doubt that I’d impress anyone in a Pow Wow unless someone stepped on my foot. I digress.

It has been several moons since my Sheep Eater manuscript journeyed over the plains and mountains to my editor somewhere East of here. I’d send out a scouting party except I don’t know where her abode is located exactly. I hope she wasn’t set upon by a wolf pack or a grouchy griz. That would not be conducive to meeting deadlines.

Six months goes by quickly to an old guy like me and that’s our deadline for release. I may be a bit biased, but this book has got to get out there and be read by the masses.If anyone sees Sharon, tell her I’m ready, willing and able to add to her workload any time.

Meanwhile, I’ll just drum my fingers on my keyboard, come up with some catchy Cherokee/Kickapoo tunes and scare off the local wildlife.


The Boulder Is No More

Phew, it’s been a long time coming, but the stone that was taking up residence in my left kidney and refusing to budge has finally been obliterated. With any luck, this final of four procedures will be the last. I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I think I’m experiencing phantom pain (either that or the nuclear blast they used to vaporize it has left side effects). At any rate, the rock has left the building!

Now to the business of writing. Don’t be too surprised if someone in the book experiences some sort of flank pain along the way. I now consider myself an expert on the topic, so I shouldn’t let it go to waste. Meanwhile it will be nice to get my mind back to the creative side and off of the “woe is me” jag it has been dwelling on for too long.

I know I’ve said this before, but any day now I expect my next edit for The Sheep Eater to arrive and I can start working on it in earnest. It’s due out on the first Monday of July and that’s beginning to look a lot closer than it was!

I will also be starting up my next novel in short order. I’ll try to keep you better posted in the coming weeks. Sometimes this whole life thing has been a little out of control lately.

Life As I Know It

I’ve heard volumes of “end of life” suppositions over my years as a Paramedic and loved ones passing. It used to be relatively easy to provide stock answers to those left behind. I didn’t have to really console anyone longer than a few minutes or an hour. Then I could hand them off to the next person in the chain and concentrate on the next call.

There was little invested in my personal involvement. In my mind the die was already cast for the victim. Whatever they choose not to do was between them and their Creator. I still believe in that part today. The complications came with those left behind. “Do you think they went to Heaven?” was a question a I couldn’t answer. It bothered me, especially after I had my own near-death experience.

With my Mother’s death a few short weeks ago, I have no doubt in my mind where she’s at. Neither does my Dad or any of the rest of the family. She walked the walk and was a beacon to those around her. It all boiled down to love. I was an extremely fortunate Son to have such an example to follow in my life. All I have to do is point to her now when someone asked how the get to Heaven.

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Kindle Stuffers

There’s still plenty of time to pick up copies of Song of the Unsung, Heart of the Unsung, Buffalo Hump and Hollow Point for the e-book enthusiast in your crowd! These are Native American-based Suspense/Thriller Fiction novels that can be found on Amazon e-books and Champagne Book Group AND they’re inexpensive!

Avoid the traffic and find yours today.


I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but all this talk about black Fridays and whatever-the-heck Mondays kind of forces a fella into hawking his wares in the e-book world. Of course, you can buy the books online and have them sitting in your reading devices in seconds, but I suppose this is one way to avoid a last-minute crisis and have a nice Kindle-stuffer for a reasonable price. Heck, you can buy all four of my books for under $20; Hollow Point, Buffalo Hump, Song of the Unsung and its sequel, Heart of the Unsung. All of them are available through Amazon e-books/Suspense/Thriller/Fiction.

All of the books have a Native American flavor and if you’d like to see more about what I’m working on, go to my website at A fifth book is in the works and with an editor at this moment! Its release date is set for July of 2015.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from my house to yours!

In The Works

The Sheep Eater is still being gone over by my editor and I will get a glimpse shortly at the next round of tasks to complete. Last I heard was that the book was due for release in the beginning of July 2015. I think readers will like this story, with its mix of drama and humor.

If you like animals, you’ll like the menagerie Sourdough Severs keeps on his ranch, the S-bar-S, and the unique relationship of his Shoshone ranch hand and himself. Somehow it seems to work.

The Time Is Here

After a month of delays, I’m ready to get serious about writing a new story. Forgive the delay in updates. October was  a mess!

This story will be slightly different from previous works I’ve written. There is more of a supernatural twist. It should get your brain cells stirred up nicely.

Meanwhile, the editing process for my upcoming book, “The Sheep Eater,” continues. Its release will be moved back until approximately July of 2015 to accommodate a change in the publisher’s release strategy. I’ll keep you posted as I learn of any other changes!

Remember that my books are available in the fiction category at

Someone Jump-Started My Brain

I told you for a long time that my next book was going to be different than some of my other projects. Well, it’s going to be much different than I had envisioned. I’ll post it as a new work in progress on my Weebly web page (, because it’s just easier to keep the works separated than to describe why the new would be different than the original storyline, although I think I’ll retain the same story title.

I already posted some of the reasons the original story had to go to the wayside, but the main one has to do with a misunderstanding of some of the local lore on my part. The old idea wouldn’t have worked.  This story will have a great deal more mysticism and uncertainty threaded through it. Some of it will be based on the ideas of only a few Pikuni Tribal members who have different opinions about the location of the Sacred Ground than others in the Band.

Meanwhile, my latest book, The Sheep Eater, is still with my editor. I’m hoping to get that project going before long. I’m excited to learn how you like it once you’ve read it. It was a hoot to write!

It Seems Like A Long Time Until May

My most recent story, The Sheep Eater, is in the works getting edited now. Its date of release is expected to be May 15, 2015. All of the deadlines have been met so far and now it’s time to play ping-pong with my editor until it’s completed. This is the part that drives me nuts! Patience has not been a strong suit of mine over the years, even though there are people worse at it than I am by a long shot.

I picture a map in my head of the annual migration of a tribe making it to different locales to take advantage of the food supply available at given times of the year. I picture myself as the guy who gets way out in front of the people and has to finally sit down and wait because he’s too early arriving and gets hungry because the food hasn’t started showing up yet. Everyone else walks up and “Shazam,” the food magically appears just as it has every year since forever.

Trying to outsmart the system never seems to work to my advantage. It’s always hurry up and wait. I think editors enjoy finding writers like me that they can toy with. One of these days I’ll fool them, though. I’ll start turning in my material a day late here and there and listen to them pining for the old days when they were in control of the strings. Meanwhile, I have to go see a man about a buffalo in Blackfeet Country.

Reflections Of A Trip Through Pikuni Country

I’ve had a chance to review some of my notes on my expedition into the Pikuni Blackfeet Nation a couple of months ago. It was the busiest week of the year for the tribe that invited other tribes from all over the country to participate. It was a huge Pow Wow that ran for four nights.

One of the largest lessons I learned was how to ask a question. For instance, I was curious why an area was called “Two-Medicine,” thinking it had something to do with a couple of herbs. Nope, wrong answer. Two medicine men lived on a lake in the mountains…simple enough.

The obvious one: Why are they called Blackfeet? Most believe it is because they stained the bottom of their moccasins black. I never did get a good answer as to why. Most answers seemed to lean toward simplicity without much fanfare or lessons in the description, with the possible exception of vision quests on Chief Mountain at the south end of the mountain range.

I found myself wishing I had more time to nose around. I would have loved to visit some of the smaller towns where “the real Indians were,” according to a store owner I met. Nonetheless, I’m getting the itch to begin the next book.

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